Laparascopic Suturing and Knot Tying: A Comparison of Standard Techniques to a Mechanical Assist Device

Conclusions:  The use of the mechanically assisted suture device and pretied knot device (Quik-Stitch) took less time than either the intra- or extracoporeal methods.  In addition, time saved in the operating room can decrease cost.  Our data suggest that the Quik-Stitch is the fastest knot tying technique regardless of surgeon skill level.

-JSLS (Journal of the Society of Laparascopic Surgeons)


Michael Fenoglio, MD

William Huan, MD

John T. Moore, MD



Clinical Report Gynecology: Quik-Stitch Endoscopic Suturing System

Excerpt: Since I was introduced to the Quik-Stitch Endoscopic Suturing System I have found it un-paralled to traditional methods in its ease of know tying security and its use in advanced laparoscopic gynecological applications.  I applaud the innovators at PARÉ and welcome all those wishing to advance their personal surgical abilities to the betterment of their patients’ healthcare to give it a try.


Dr. Joseph R. Johnson,

Vice Chief of Staff, Dept. Chairman OB/GYN Russellville Hospital, Alabama,

Burdick West Medical Center, Haleyville, Alabama


Comparative Study of a Suturing System (Quik-Stitch) and Titanium Clips

In a study of various tests conducted in Tubingen, Germany, the authors concluded that the all of the sutures with Quik-Stitch stayed in place in contrast to the high percentage of clips that slipped off, therefore the use of Quik-Stitch can be recommended for safe ligature and sutures.


Fischer S, Roth K, Arezzo A, Raestrup H, Shurr MO, Buess GF

Section for Minimally Invasive Surgery Eberhard-Karls-University, Tubingen, Germany

Clinical Report Urology:  Quik-Stitch Endoscopic Suturing System

Excerpt: Over the past six months I have found the Quik-Stitch device to be extremely useful in laparoscopi urological procedures…it has been helpful in decreasing the operative time.  However, the greatest improvement for us has been in laparoscopic radical prostatectomy, which is becoming a more common procedure and now can compete with open radical prostatectomy in terms of operative time – thanks to the innovators at PARÉ.


James P. Brown, MD

Staff Urologist

Resurrection Medical Center

Chicago, Illinois


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