Select and insert an active electrode 2.4mm diameter end into the distal end.

Plug the cord into the ESU generator.


One Toggle Switch, five Modes: 













NOVA Instructions for Use

Standard Cut

Push forward without downward force 

Cut & Light

Push down & forward 

Light Only

Push down 

Coag & Light

Pull back & downward

Standard Coag

Pull back without downward force 


The Nova LED Light source pencil is an electrosurgical pencil used as a surgical light source with cutting and coagulating abilities.

  • It uses activation modes in the standard ESU pencil orientation

  • It has Three Super Bright LED Lights, for maximum, no shadow, direct lighting

  • It accepts any standard 3/32”, 2. 4mm diameter electrodes in press fit socket

  • It connects to all Standard Electrosurgical Generators with a keyed monopolar plug

  • It has a soft drape cord over 3 meters long.


Nova comes in two models:

  1. Hand Control

  2. Foot Control



Do not place the Nova ESU Pencil on the patient when not in use, accidental activation of the Nova ESU Pencil modes may cause a patient burn.


Warnings and Precautions:

Nova  environmental operating termperature -4 deg F (-20 deg C ) to 125 deg F (51 deg C)

Read and understand all warnings, contraindications, and instructions in this document prior to use 






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Due to OSHA regulation 29 CFR part 1910.1030 concerning blood borne pathogens, all used products returned to PARĖ Surgical, for any reason must be decontaminated. (i.e., cleaned and sterilized). Proof of decontamination must accompany returned products. We reserve the right to refuse (or to return collect) products returned in a non-sterile condition.